Anti-Whale Mechanisms

Crypto IRA features 3 unique mechanisms to ensure all of our users have access to our token. We have a maximum wallet threshold of 150,000 CIRA (1.5% of the total supply). There is also a limit to how much can be purchased, sold, or transferred of 150,000. These features act as a deterrant to what is referred to as whales, single entitity purchasing as much of something as to control the market.


Explanation of Transaction Fees

7% BUSD Dividends

7% of every transaction is pooled together then distributed to our users as the stable coin BUSD

1% Buyback and Burn

We buy and burn a fraction of each transaction to create a deflationary asset 

1% Marketing

Automated processing ensures an evolving and growing marketing budget

2% Liquidity

The Liquidity is used to establish and enable trading of CIRA on Pancakeswap

crypto IRA Tokenomics

Matt Churchwell


Crypto and tech enthuasist, been involved in projects and investing in the space since 2013. Matt got frustrated after watching numerous scams in a very short window and at that moment knew it was time for CIRA.


Updated 1/23/2022

Why chose crypto IRA over anything else?

We are setting out to address a growing concern in the DeFi Crypto markets, which is a total lack of credibility being established. Every single day there are new reports of scams, money grabs, rug pulls, among many other ventures to rid you of your assets. We will be creating an entirely new trading platform to protect investors and lend a sense of security that your investments are as secure as they can be.

A trading platform?

n short at crypto IRA we are developing a new platform in which token creators will have to undergo a basic Identity Verification to list their projects on our platform. By making this a requirement we believe that a lot of the would be "scam" projects would be deterred from attempting to list for trade. We will list projects outside of user submitted, but only if strict criteria is met.

Is there more?

There is, and those things will be announced further along the envelopment cycle. We are setting out to create a One-Stop-Shop for secure trading, asset management, and portfolio tracking. After the token is launched dividends will start accruing.

Identity Verification?

Yes, we firmly believe that verifying ourselves and asking the same of creators to list on our platform is the best way to give investors even a little bit of peace of mind. Having fallen victim to illegitimate projects ourselves and unable to find other solutions, we've set out to create a solution to the problem effecting legitimate projects and serious investors